Dottir on the Front Cover: Bolig Magasinet

Dottir Nordic Design


Eyekandi has partnered with many a creative mind.

In particular we have partnered with many Nordic creatives and designers, one being, Dottir Nordic Design.

Today they were featured on the front page of Denmark’s largest housing magazine, Bolig Magasinet! Their exquisite attention to detail was captured in these pictures of a beautifully decorated home.

BOLIGMASINET Dottir Nordic Design     BOLIGMASINET Dottir Nordic Design BOLIGMASINET Dottir Nordic Design

More About Dottir

“The creative thinking behind all DOTTIR products is nurtured by the contrasts of Nordic living, with its dark cold winters and bright warm summer nights, it’s deep silent lakes and strong ocean streams.
All products express this arabesque of sweet wildness which gives a versatile and creative expression. We are in contrast to the minimalistic Nordic expression and see ourselves as frontrunners of the next Nordic Design movement. In short. Less is a bore.”

Shop at their online store or contact them directly to decorate your home with some Nordic expression.

Contact Eyekandi if you’re interested in getting things made, we’re your supply-chain specialists in China and Thailand.

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