Our team

Our core team consists of Christian Barmen and Tony Choi. We have been working together for more than eight years in Eyekandi. Tony takes care of the day to day operations of the Xiamen office, while Christian handles project management and Key Account Management from Thailand. Christian is based in Chiang Mai with his family, while Tony lives in Xiamen with his wife and daughter.

  • Tony Choi


    Lets Do it !

    Tony ChoiManager China Office

    Tony speaks Mandarin, Cantonese and English. he handles the day to day follow up of factories and is our man at the factories during production. He has sourced most types of products and has now got extensive experience in product development and PO management.

  • Christian Barmen

    Very business oriented

    product- and brand development.

    Christian BarmenCEO

    Christian speaks mandarin and thai as well as english and norwegian.With experience from many fields of business operations.Lately, my work has been focused around product- and brand development. Sourcing, factory evaluation, branding, negotiations and high level board work.

  • Arjen Helder


    I know my own shortcomings and I am always positive

    Arjen HelderCTO

    Arjen is highly motivated in innovation, discovering new techniques, combining knowledge to go further and getting things done, I love building things, no matter weather its a new electronics design, or a sample loudspeaker for fun, or a new team to tackle a new task.

  • Cindy

    we get things made

    we get things made

    CindyEyekandi Staff

    Our latest edition to the team and straight out of University is Cindy. Super bright and attentive and she is learning the ropes with Tony. Her daily tasks are among others to monitor supply chains and execute data entry, source products and services, loading inspections and much more.Always ready to help and has already managed to get comfortable in the high phase work environment of the Xiamen office.

  • Joyce


    Joyce is our enthusiastic and attentive recent addition to our EyeKandi China team. She is hands on in the supply-chain and assists in the relationship cementing process with our suppliers and manufacturers. She is part of the team that Gets Things Made! Her attention to detail and great attitude is an asset to our company. 

  • Tom Wong

    Tom WongQC

    Tom lives and works in the area of Dehua in Fujian Province. He is repsonsible for daily Quality Control and QA at all our ceramics and stoneware productions. Eyekandi has got its own QC at the factories and Tom is the best there is!

  • Michelle


    Michelle, our very intellectual and clued up team member at Eyekandi China assists us in the logistics side of the Supply-Chain process. Michelle is a vital member of our team as she is excellent in the communications department as well. Her English and Chinese is phenomenal, which is crucial to the supply-chain industry.

  • York



    Yorkelectronics design

    Our latest addition to our electronics design team is Xiao He aka 'York'. He has experience in circuit design and firmware, he is a true embedded guy. He is a serious guy who won't stop until the job is done.

  • Mitja

    Pro Gamer



    Kitesurfing hacker from Sweden, also known as Swedish People's Part 1 of 2. Mitja is our uber rationalist and will never let you down in a philosophical debate. He runs servers in Africa, developing apps for the iPhone and lately has been involved in our own app developments. He calls himself an lateral integration evangelist.

  • Linda Chen

    We get things made

    We get things made

    Linda ChenEyekandi Staff

    Chen is our experienced lady in the office. She is constantly on the phone with the factories following up all the requests and issues discovered. Her main area is the communication and follow up within the supply chains in China. She is hard working and always helpful with a big smile!

  • Ada


    Our always smiling and hard working young lady Ada is the latest edition to the Eyekandi office in Xiamen. She has been with us for some years now, and she is continuing to improve her skills and knowledge. She can tackle all challenges, from plastic injection mould work, through updating Podio with crucial supply chain information and sourcing.

  • Apple

    We can

    We can


    Mrs. Apple is our fantastic new purchaser. She has experience from many industries and traveled and worked in USA before. She has an entrepreneurial spirit, and loves to learn. Her main responsibility is monitoring the supply chain and procurement for our clients and our own products. She is by far the most portable of our team and her smile radiates throughout the office.

  • Tang moo

    Love Bulletproof Diet

    6 min exercise BS

    Tang mooAdministrator

    Tang Mo has moved herself up the ranks of the Eyekandi ladder. From keeping our team healthy and strong with ensuring we eat and live Bulletproof, she has gone from being the Barista, to administrative assistant to the Accounting Queen. Tang Mo keeps track of all the ins and outs of cash flow, invoices and relations with the Banks.  After completing her Accounting courses she is now the go-to-lady in the office with regards to our numbers and books.

  • Hoi


    We do most of our graphic design in-house through our Master Hoi! Hoi has a bachelor in Humanities from CMU and is our cultural alibi. He is fluent in most of Adobes suite, and can edit and finish videos as well. Skateboarding is the pashion next to his music interests.

  • Macarena Bustos

    Lead by example


    Macarena Bustosfinancial tzar

    Macarena is our financial tzar. She keeps track of all the books for our companies and her Chilean background is a force to be reckoned with. She also has her higher education from China, but now resides here in Chiang Mai with her husband, Rodrigo and their son Martin. Doubling as our in house yoga guru, she can stretch anything but the books.

  • Tracey


    Tracey is our experienced lady in the office. She is constantly on the phone with the factories following up all the requests and issues discovered. Her main area is the communication and follow up within the supply chains in China. She is hard working and always helpful with a big smile

  • Stuart

    We get things made

    We get things made

    StuartPro - Skate

    Mr Crook is a legend in the bowl skating world! He is currently affiliated with Eyekandi as a Pro Skater and shares his knowledge and passion for building ramps and park elements for skaters. He studies Thai language and comes and skates and helps us with our skills on the deck! He knows everything about the history of the skateboarding industry and some of the tricks he can pull off on the mini ramp are just to weird to explain!

  • Quintijn


    Getting it done

    Quintijn3d Designer

    Quintijn is a young man from Holland, he specializes in 3D and 2D design, and has lived in China for over a year now. Working in the Ecalling office Quintijn learns more every day and will never stop learning. Other than design Quintijn loves music. One funky guy!

  • Peter

    The Boss

    I train Body By science


    Peter is the founder and owner of Ecalling. Ecalling has been Eyekandis partner in China for the last 9 years. Peter is in the process of transforming Ecalling to a world class development partner, and through his work in sustainable processes and employee satisfaction he has grown his company from 5 people to the 20 plus people there now. Always a smile and this former Kung fu master is not to b messed with :-)

  • Tina

    If you don't deliver you will hear from me

    If you don't deliver you will hear from me

    TinaOffice Manager

    Tina is the administrative heart of Ecalling. She is on the phone from morning until night making sure the wheels of the supply chain are greased. She can be heard two blocks away when a supplier fails to deliver on time. She has many years of experience and is always there to support the management.

  • JingHuei

    Circuit layout is fun

    Circuit layout is fun


    He is the senior electronics design engineer at our Chinese partner. He is well versed in circuit layout design as well as software development. He can write code and design boards. He is one of the founding members of Ecalling, our Chinese partner through the last 9 years.

  • Devin


    I like to double check


    Here we have our eyes and ears at the end of the assembly line. Devin is in charge of Quality Control and works for our partner, Ecalling. He is at the factories overseeing IQC, and FQC and signs off on the quality of the products we manufacture. He has got several years of experience in quality control.

  • Terry

    They like me

    They like me

    TerryProcess Engineer

    Terry works for our Chinese partner, and is our QC guy at the electronics assembly house that we use for our production. He steals the heart of many a line worker, and can be trusted to find even the smallest issues in the manufacturing process. He is always working with Tony to improve the processes in manufacturing and spend most of his time at the production line at the manufacturer.

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