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Kristian Bye published book about starting Bright Products

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Yesterday, the mailman brought something very interesting. It was the newly published book about start-ups by Co-founder of Bright Products, Kristian Bye.

Kristian left a high paying job in the ad-world to start Bright Products, and succeeded.

He writes this book as part memoirs and part guide book for other entrepreneurs, and have coupled the book with a lecture program and he is now traveling with his book and speeches. A true entrepreneur!

The book is only available in Norwegian at the momement, so I am the only one in the office who gets to fully enjoy it, and I have.

I liked the book, not only because of the story, but because I feel he told the story in a very coherent way and I could really recognize the material, since I was part of the journey.

I think this is a book that most young business students should read, to hear from the actual start-ups, and not only the silicone valley or Wall Street themes that are normally featured in books like these.

Thank you for sending us the book Kristian and good luck on your next endeavor.

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bbhugme client testimonial

I especially like how Tony says «us» and «our products» when he is talking about our production. It is like having a member of our own team based in China. The production runs effectively and Eyekandi knows our product well. This means that we get great advice, follow up and progress.

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Meet Nancy, the newest addition to the Eyekandi Team

The recent months has been crazy here at Eyekandi. We have been working around the clock on several large customer projects, and the need for additional support staff in our Xiamen office was easily felt.

We have now the pleasure of introducing Nancy as our latest member of the team.

She will be acting as an assistant to Tony in admin and project follow up and has already been thrown into the fast lane of Tony’s work day.

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Eyekandi Thailand New Office

From 2014, Eyekandi has now got two offices in Asia. Our main production office in Xiamen, and now also a design and development office in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

The ground work has started on our new office building, and meanwhile we have rented an office space, as seen in the picture.

Updates on the office construction will follow in later posts.

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Tom is preparing the ground for Eyekandi Office anno 2015

Tom recently took a couple months off from his work in China to help with land development at our Thailand headquarters. He has deep personal interests in agriculture, environment and small green living.

In addition to Electrical Engineering, Tom holds degrees in Ecology, Field Biology and Philosophy, from the University of Wisconsin. Tom will be back, visiting often, to assist Mark Emory in implementing his landscape designs in establishing and nurturing our sustainable native food forest, gardens, and bio-productive natural ponds.


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