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Track and time your big 5 Body by Science workouts ( or more ), on your phone and watch.

Ever since Dr. Mcguff and his co author Dr. John R. Little wrote their ground breaking book Body by Science,

the most keen observers of the latest news and developments in fitness and exercise have sworn to the so called BBS workout.

Slow exercise, in controlled environment on machines, to failure. Never has muscle training been easier, safer and more efficient.

Our app is the perfect companion to your journey to a stronger, healthier YOU!

* Easily customize exercise and location input
* Remembers your settings and will compare your results with last week in real time
* Audible feedback with half way and second by second cues

Planned updates:
Heart rate LIVE stream
Heart Rate recovery tracking

— Eyekandi Life Tech

Our gift to Biohackers around the world:

The team at Eyekandi Life Tech loves biohacking. We have been using PBM technologies and HIT exercise for almost 10 years and the benefits are so great, that we decided to make this companion app for your weekly Gym-session.

The App can remember last weeks weights and times, so that you will always fight your last weeks performance. Last weeks weights are also stored for added convenience.

The app was first developed for our internal use, since we love Body by Science training and wanted a custom way to track results and make set up faster. Now that we have been using the app for a while, it is time to share it with the world.


Recommended starting routine:

Seated Row – Seated Chest Press – Seated Pull Down – Seated Overhead Press – Leg Press

We recommend to use full body Near Infrared Device 2-3 hours before exercise to maximize the effects.

Being in a fasted state, or a so called Intermittent fastet state will also increase the efficacy of the HIT training.



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