Cognitime Watch

Patented Time Telling Concept…
Conceptualized in Norway we have our very own way of telling time, the system uses a 24-segmented figure 8 to display the hours and 60-segmented outer circle to display the minutes and seconds.
Our concept truly captures the never-ending cycle that is “time”. See our video and learn more about how to tell time our way!

The Cognitime Classics…
Cognitime originally brought you the DØGN in 2011– but since then the company has gone through some big changes and now we are back and better than ever.
Our first release, the Cognitime Classics are built around our patented figure 8 time telling concept. The combination of our lcd watch face with high grade materials and sleek design result in a quality looking, quality feeling, very unique wrist watch.
But before we can do anything…we need your support! Now we are so close, our prototypes are ready to go, we just need to raise enough capital to make our first production…


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