Future Fit + Podio – 10 smart ideas for Sustainable Organizations

Online collaboration platforms as a tool for becoming Future Fit

In today’s post I will talk about how to use the online platform Podio to inspire the team and help foster a spirit of openness and collaboration.

Eyekandi uses Podio throughout all our business operations, not only for the sustainable business work. Podio is an online platform for companies to communicate and collaborate online. It is a Citrix database, with some very clever danish front end design, and it works great.

In the vídeo I talk about how we use Podio to help us become Future Fit.

I walk you through our set up and the applications we have developed for this project, and also showing you exactly how we are using it.

Sustainable business operations means that we should consider the environment before we book our travels and print out documents for instance. By using Podio, we can collaborate in a way that saves me from having to travel as frequently to China.

Future Fit and sustainable business should be more than just slogans for the board room. We want to use the path towards Future Fitness to communicate inside of our organization as well. Change starts with the individuals, and by displaying an open process and include everybody in activities and efforts, we hope to make lasting changes.

In future blog posts I will talk about the activities we are doing here at Eyekandi to high light the Future Fit Goals within our own company.

I hope you enjoyed the video walk through of how to use Podio for Future Fit.

Podio Workspace for Future Fit

Future Fit, Podio

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Christian Barmen

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