Producing a Comprehensive Video Campaign


Here at Eyekandi getting to know our client’s brand on a deeper level is fundamental. For us, our research starts before we meet with the client for the first time to ensure we can give our full potential.

We recently wrapped production on a Campaign for CRMCA – Heart Wall is an outstanding rock climbing area within Crazy Horse Buttress in Chiang Mai, Thailand. With more than 20 classic routes, it is home to some of the best climbing in all of Thailand. Bolting and developing there has taken tremendous effort over the past eight years. Join the Chiang Mai Rock Climbing Adventures Community in contributing to the continued development of this special area.

Sitting down to lay out a clear list of objectives, brand strategy is part of what makes us love to dive in and give all we can into a project. We don’t cut corners on this stage no matter the size of the production

-Brand Analysis

-Develop An Idea


-Clear Communication

-Develop a Strong Production Plan

-Set Objectives

-Build A Strong Team

-Transparent’s Budgets & Contracts

-Develop A Release Strategy

We also like to find out how big of a risk a client want to take  Especially when developing comprehensive video campaigns, having STRONG people to support the idea is vital.

We build Teams that has  genuine interest in producing something unique and can give it  all.

People who are willing to do what it takes to get the job done is the number one priority.

Like with anything, money is the deciding factor as to how big crews can be, how many shooting days there can be and how long you are able to stay in pre-production / prep. We generally spend most of our time in pre-production in order to keep crews small and shooting days minimized.

Our proposals vary from project to project but generally include such things as campaign introductions, strategies, a synopsis, scripts, mood board, visual style breakdowns, production schedules, deliverables, payment schedules and contracts.


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Site - June 17, 2016 Reply

What a spectacular resource for hybrid cinematographer-producers. I m only just starting to learn how to negotiate a project proposal and convince a client that the costs of a video production are justified. This is helping a lot.

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