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    Why higher loads gives benefits beyond traditional resistance training.

    why higher loads gives benefit

    why higher loads gives benefit

    Ever heard of Body By Science (BBS)?

    If you’re wanting to increase muscle mass, decrease fat levels, improve health markers and cardio fitness, not to mention gaining significant strength, then BBS is what you’re needing to try.

    In conjunction to body strength, a recent study from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln has given new meaning to the concept of brain power by suggesting that physical strength might stem as much from exercising the nervous system as the muscles it controls.


    Interview with Tang Mo, Eyekandi Thailand Office

    In our Eyekandi Office here in Thailand, we have incorporated the BBS and Bulletproof lifestyle into our work environment. Christian, CEO of EyeKandi, is a certified Superhuman Coach and is also training our staff as well as suppliers in the BBS and nutrition programs.

    Below is an interview we conducted with one of our staff members, Tang Mo.

    Tang Mo is a young lady, 19 years of age, with many aspirations in the accounting and financial sector. She has partaken in a short interview to inform you all of the wonderful improvements BBS has made for her.

    What was the reason you decided to start training the BBS way?

    “I started training BBS as I wanted to keep myself healthy. I have learned a lot from Christian, and he has helped me to know more about BBS.”

    How far into your training did you realise the positive impact BBS has on your lifestyle?

    “After about 1 month of training I noticed a difference in my strength and body tone.”

    What amount of weight did you start training with, and how much can you lift now?

    “I started with only 20kg, and now I train with 100kg!”

    What significant changes to your body have you noticed, resulting from the BBS training, that you would like to share?

    “Well now I have very strong muscles, which I never thought was possible.”

     Would you recommend this type of training to other people your age? If so, why?

    “Yes, I do recommend this type of training to other people, because it is like sharing knowledge and trying new things. If you want to become stronger you should try BBS.”


    EyeKandi is in the process of making a BBS app for iOS, which will help improve your training, track your progress and provide you with an ease of access to your fitness and BBS life.


    “If you’re trying to increase strength – whether you’re Joe Shmoe, a weekend warrior, a gym rat or an athlete – training with high loads is going to result in greater strength adaptations,” said Jenkins, an assistant professor of exercise physiology at Oklahoma State University who conducted the research for his dissertation at Nebraska.

    High Intensity 

    “To stimulate your body to make an adaptive change, your exercise intensity must cross a certain threshold before your body will respond. By training to muscular failure, we send an alarm to your body that more muscle and improved metabolic are needed. Also, we use a training protocol called “SuperSlow” which involves lifting and lowering the weights over a 10 second time frame. This eliminates acceleration and momentum which keeps the muscle under continuous load and more effectively fatigues the muscle.”


    Interview with Tangmo,eyekandi thailand office

    Interview with Tangmo,eyekandi thailand office


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    Less plastic used means less to pick up later.- THRASH HERO

    We proundly to annouce that we had joined this awesome ‘BOTTLES & BAGS’ campaign of THRASHHERO.ORG Whose mission is to create sustainable, community-based projects that remove existing waste, and reduce future waste by inspiring long-term behaviour change.

    for more information CLICK  http://trashhero.org

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    Kristian Bye published book about starting Bright Products

    Buy the book here

    Yesterday, the mailman brought something very interesting. It was the newly published book about start-ups by Co-founder of Bright Products, Kristian Bye.

    Kristian left a high paying job in the ad-world to start Bright Products, and succeeded.

    He writes this book as part memoirs and part guide book for other entrepreneurs, and have coupled the book with a lecture program and he is now traveling with his book and speeches. A true entrepreneur!

    The book is only available in Norwegian at the momement, so I am the only one in the office who gets to fully enjoy it, and I have.

    I liked the book, not only because of the story, but because I feel he told the story in a very coherent way and I could really recognize the material, since I was part of the journey.

    I think this is a book that most young business students should read, to hear from the actual start-ups, and not only the silicone valley or Wall Street themes that are normally featured in books like these.

    Thank you for sending us the book Kristian and good luck on your next endeavor.

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    Artkandi + Chumpol Taksapornchai ( Tua )

    On Friday the 30th of September 2016 we opened the doors for a month special exhibition in our offices. We are showing artworks from the local artist Tua ( Chumpol Taksapornchai ).

    The opening evening featured Tua and Friends in a magical symposium of sound and painting. It was truly an evening to remember.

    The exhibition will be up until the end of October 2016.

    All sales proceeds goes directly to support Tua and his next trip to Europe to show and sell his art.


    Thank you for all who came and we really hope you enjoyed the evening.

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    Tua Pen Not + eyekandi Skateboards

    Eyekandi has teamed up with local artist Tua Pen Not for a project we call recycled skateboard functional art.

    The project will be about skateboarding and recycled art and we hope to help create awareness about all the possibilities that lays in recycling and upcycling.

    Working with local artists is a priority for Eyekandi and we hope the local community will help support our efforts.

    Eyekandi team

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